Friday, January 13, 2012

Talk about weird, I had trouble from two back-to-back motorists today.  The first one honked, then second one honked his electronic horn, so I thought it was a cop.  "Oh great. Now I have to educate another ignorant law enforcement officer about the rights of the bicyclist."  First guy pulls up next to me, tells me to use the bike lane, and speeds off.  This was on Trabue Rd., between Hague Ave. and Wilson Rd.  For those of you who aren't familiar, there is no bike lane!  At least he didn't tell me to use the sidewalk.

By this time, the second vehicle (that I still thought was a cop) was behind me, so I braced myself for the confrontation I expected to ensue.  Turns out it was an off duty officer from some suburban department or possibly a metro parks ranger (all I know is it wasn't a Columbus officer, a sheriff's deputy, or a state trooper) with an electronic siren and PA system in his personal vehicle.  He told me to move over on his PA system.  I shook my head.  Then he pulled up next to me, going my speed while straddling both lanes, looks over at me (i.e. not at the road ahead), and asks me where I'm going.  I guess I'm a naturally honest person because my response was, "Wilson Road."  What it should have been instead is, "That's none of your business."  Then he tried to tell me I had to ride as far to the right as possible.  The law actually says as far right as practicable and even explicitly states that I am allowed to take up the full lane if there is not enough room for vehicles to pass me, which there isn't on that section of roadway.  Of course, if he had known that part of the law, he probably would have known that impeding traffic, driving left of center, and driving without looking where you are going are illegal.  It's a shame I didn't find out what department he was in so that his supervisor could sit him down for a little talk about the proper use of his police powers.

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