Friday, January 6, 2012

Nothing too crazy about this so much as scary.  I was in the left lane on Long at the alley just East of High when a car waiting to cross Long in that alley thought he had a clear road and accelerated across the street, headed directly at me.  I have a light on each end of the bike, reflective strips that hold my pants to my ankles, a reflective vest, and the street lights were still on, but somehow he still missed me (at least I hope he didn't see me because the alternative is even scarier).   I screamed at him several times while increasing my speed in an effort to clear the space in front of him before he got there, but I distinctly thought to myself, "This is the end."  Luckily I emerged unscathed.  The scariest part of this whole thing--because let's face it, the majority of drivers are unaware, unobservant, and just plain dangerous--is that there was nothing I could do to avoid a collision other than try to speed out of his way and hope he saw me before he hit me.

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