Thursday, January 12, 2012

I don't understand why it is that people are incapable of driving when drops of water are falling from the sky.  They only difference between driving in the rain and driving in cloudy conditions is that you (are supposed to) use your windshield wipers.

Going down the street, I see a car trying to leave a parking lot.  Knowing that the driver probably can't see me from a right angle in the rain (even though I have both a headlight and a reflective vest), I stop short of the driveway.  Not only does this driver not stop before leaving the parking lot as I had anticipated, but she turns toward me on the street and still doesn't see me until her left headlight collides with my front wheel.  Luckily it was a bumpy driveway so she was only going a few miles an hour and didn't cause any damage.  Her excuse?  I didn't see you because you were in my blind spot.  Really?  A car's blind spot is at 7 or 8 o'clock.  I was coming from 10 o'clock.  Lady, your whole head is a blind spot.  And if you can't see around a corner, why would you pull around it anyway without stopping and checking it out first?

It gets better.

Coming up Wilson Road toward my street, I need to move into the left lane of two (five in total with the left turn lane).  I look behind me.  Two cars in my lane.  OK, good.  I put out my turn signal and start to move over.  All of a sudden the first car that was behind me starts honking.  My dear, I am truly sorry, but if you don't use a turn signal and change lanes behind a vehicle clearly signaling a lane change, what do you expect to be the outcome?  Then, because this driver has to screech to a halt and blare the horn at me some more instead of just staying in the right lane and passing me as he or she would have done had I been in a car, the second car catches up to us, gets angry at the delay, and lays on the horn as it passes me.  Do you think you can frighten me off the road with your loud noises?  I've been riding for a while; this isn't my first time being honked at.  Please direct your anger where it belongs and not toward the innocent almost-victim of a bad driver.

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