Monday, January 23, 2012

Drivers scare me.  And I don't just mean when I'm riding, though that seems to bring out their most unsafe behaviors.

Riding in the left lane of a 3-lane 1-way street with a double left turn lane, a car moves into the turn lane to pass me, cuts back in front of me barely missing the cars stopped waiting to turn, goes through the intersection, and then moves over into the newly created lane to the left, not once using a signal or slowing down.  What if one of the left-turning cars had decided to move into the straight lane and had thought that this dangerous driver was only going to stay in the turn lane to make a turn? It could have been disastrous.

Another driver this morning passed me with so little room ahead that the oncoming car had to come to almost a complete stop to let him or her pass.  Really?  Is it worth two seconds to risk three+ lives?  Still, I'm surprised the oncoming car waited and never honked.  If I'd been driving that one, I would have sped up and pounded the horn for all it was worth, but most drivers are more complacent than I.

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