Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why are drivers so in love with their horns?  I got passed today by a driver, honking the entire time, who decided the center left-turn-only lane was his personal passing lane.  I can understand honking as a warning, but I already knew he was there after the first 10 honks, so the rest weren't really necessary.  Perhaps he was honking to show his anger.  However, I didn't take my lane position with the express purpose of inconveniencing him (for all of 10 seconds).  Believe it or not, I actually put a higher priority on not tearing my bike to shreds on the horrid roads of Columbus than on letting you get to the next red light 10 seconds before me.  Perhaps your anger should be redirected at the person who broke the law and caused a dangerous situation for you, me, and the oncoming traffic.

I ought to attach an air horn to my bike so I can fight fire with fire (well, noise with noise).

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