Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here's a new twist on an old favorite.  I was riding in West Chester (where else?) when a car honked and then aggressively passed me and cut me off before stopping directly in front of me at the next light.  That's not unusual at all.  Then, he got out of his seat, twisted around, and stuck his whole head and torso out his window to yell at me.

First he told me I was supposed to be riding on the shoulder of the road.  After I told him I wasn't, the only thing he could think of to justify his anger was that I almost got hit.  Well, if he almost hit me, whose fault would that be?  (Here's a hint: it wouldn't be mine.)  After this "justification" also didn't hold up, he simply resorted to threatening to beat me up.  I thought he was concerned for my safety since I almost got hit?  It was pretty entertaining, especially since I'm about twice his size, so I was actually kind of hoping he would leave the car in the middle of a 45-mph road to try to beat me up.

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