Monday, April 9, 2012

Saw this as part of a comment on a bike commuting blog
I am a cyclist who does not own a car; it works for me. How you live is your choice. We can share society — I’ll stay off your toes, and you stay off mine. I don’t care if you drive a Nissan Leaf or a Hummer, just let me ride in my little space without trying to clear me off the pavement.
While I do own a car, mostly because my parents and brother live within driving distance but not riding distance, I pretty much never use it.  And the rest of this quote is absolutely 100% how I feel.

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  1. I own a bike and a car - both for commuting, as I live a long way from work. I drive part of the commute, and keep a folding bike and ride once I am decently close (varies a little depending on when I leave the house and the weather). I always give bikes a wide berth when passing, and really appreciate it when drivers do the same for me when I'm riding.