Friday, April 27, 2012

As I was riding in West Chester last night (not WC's fault this time!), I was confronted by an Ohio State Trooper.  She told me she needed me to ride on the right (the shoulder).  I told her I couldn't do that and asked her if she would drive on the shoulder, to which of course the answer was no.  Then she told me she didn't think I had a right to be in the road.  Regardless of the fact that I did have that right, shouldn't you, as a state law enforcement officer, know the law instead of guessing at what you think?  After she continued to press the issue I pointed out that she was impeding traffic and she sped off in a huff.

Then later that evening I was going about 40mph down a large hill on Vine Street in Cincinnati and lost control when the road whipped left.  The result is a lot of scraping and bruising, but thankfully nothing broken.  The bike is unrideable, but I'm confident the guys at Baer Wheels can put it back together in a few days.  Lots of walking and waiting, a long bus ride, a cab ride, and three hours later, I was back at my hotel.

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