Thursday, February 9, 2012

On the way home yesterday, the right lane ended and someone didn't want to be behind me in the left lane, so he decided to stay in the right lane until the last minute and cut me off as he merged.  Because the alternative was to shred my brakes or to become a part of his vehicle, I ended up in the center left turn lane next to him.  While I was there, I fixed him with my best glare.  Then I noticed he was on his cell phone.  All of a sudden, his erratic lane change made sense.  After all, everyone knows that laws and common sense don't apply if you are on a very important phone call...

So I'm next to him, glaring at him as hard as I can, and sees me.  While continuing to hold the phone to his ear, he opens the door without so much as even slowing down, leans out since he isn't wearing a seat belt, and asks me what the f*ck I want.  I honestly don't know what he was using to hold the wheel or to hold himself in the car with one hand on the door and one on the phone.  I then informed him that he had cut me off and dropped back behind him.  I'm amazed at his talent/stupidity/total disregard for his or anyone else's safety.

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