Monday, February 13, 2012

I came to an all-way stop sign in Upper Arlington today on my way home and waited for the next cross-traffic vehicle to go, since he arrived first.  When he did not move after several seconds, I proceeded through the intersection.  As I neared the cross street (the stop sign was set back a few feet), the cross vehicle suddenly accelerated, nearly hitting me.  Luckily I heard his engine and stopped short.  I sincerely hope he was texting and suddenly decided to go without looking, because the alternative is that he intentionally waited for me to enter the intersection in order to scare or even hit me.  Really, though, either option is scary.

Then, between Hague and Wilson on Trabue, a car honked at me because I had taken the lane since there was oncoming traffic and not enough room for a car to pass me within my lane.  This is not an unusual occurrence, so I ignored the car and kept moving, doing what I knew was not only my legal right, but also the best option for sharing the road safely.  Then, because he was more important than both me and the oncoming car, this driver passed me while I was still in the center of his lane.  This, of course, meant that half of his car was in the oncoming lane, forcing the oncoming car to swerve, and the other half of his car was inches from me.  I called the Franklin County Sheriff's radio room, since this incident occurred in Franklin Township and not Columbus, and reported the dark blue or dark purple 4-door sedan-style car with license plate FIV 9366.   Unfortunately, the speed limit on Trabue is 45, so he was probably gone before I even hung up the phone, let alone by the time officers started searching for him.  Nevertheless, it's in the records in case he ever tries something similar.

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